Henri Zerdoun

Henri Zerdoun learns photocomposition, offset and photo etching in a famous art printshop of Paris. At 22, in 1968, he decides to go to Ireland as a freelance photographer...
After traveling for ten years with his camera as a reporter for international photo agencies through all the hotspots of the planet (Israel, China, Lebanon, Algeria, Ireland, Africa...), he participates in the development of the Italian agency ART 24 in Milan. He then makes a solitary "retirement" in the French Cevennes mountains for the purpose to "clean his eyes".
He comes back to Paris in 1990 where he has been living and working as an independant photographer.
Some of his works are owned by private collectors and institutions.

Corporations as well as public entities have sometimes provided him with support for the conception and creation of internal and external communication tools. Such partnership allows for the publication of books as medium of corporate culture.

This photographer reverses classical tendancies of illustration.
Many writers have put into perspective his themes and pictures. This delicate but rewarding exercise of pairing words with images generates a feeling of vertigo without impacting in any way on the substance and light of pictures and words.
Off-centered from fads and esthetical criteria of the day, Henri Zerdoun searches in the mass for the single person, his or her intimacy that he invariably places as the central subject.

As he always says: “When I see you, I see me ..”
The pictures of Henri Zerdoun are multifaceted mirrors through which one invariably gets lost to find the self again.

In "World Art International Magazine", critic Michaël Yanès wrote: "his acuity and sensibility make this photographer a true witness of our Times"..

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